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About Us

Hole in 1 Drinks, Inc. is located in Newport Beach California.

Founder and CEO Darryl Cazares started playing competitive sports at the young age of seven years old. Starting off with little league baseball he then played Pop Warner Football for the next five years. In High School Mr. Cazares ran track and was Captain of the Varsity Football team where he played defensive corner back and running back. In the 1982 Football season Cazares broke the Bell Gardens high rushing record with 211 yard in the first half of his final varsity game and ended the year with 1,734 yards and 21 touchdowns in his senior season.

Honors received for the 1982 football season:

L.A. Times Back of the Year

MVP Whitmont League

MVP Southeast Daily Signal

MVP Rio Hondo Valley

1st Team All-League

1st Team All Southeast

1st Team All Area

1st Team All C.I.F.

After High School, Mr. Cazares continued to play competitive tackle football with 7 Semi Professional teams for 21 additional years.    

In 1999 Mr. Cazares met Scott Magers a world renowned nutritionist and formulator that introduced him to implementing Meal Replacement products and Balanced Nutrition to his diet.

Scott Magers is a leading educator, formulator, and motivator in the field of nutrition and fitness. With over 30 years of experience in nutritional science, Scott has worked with many of the top professional and Olympic athletes, business leaders, sports teams, youth groups, and celebrities outlining detailed programs emphasizing a low glycemic, nutrient-dense, balanced approach to nourishing the body.

He has worked in conjunction with Dr. Steven Freed, president of Diabetes In Control, a research and education group providing assistance to Diabetics worldwide. Scott has orchestrated studies on low glycemic meal planning, supplementation, and fitness for diabetic educators across the country. He continues to do testing on various low glycemic products, supplements, and energy beverages to improve the health and wellness of people throughout the world.

Founding several nutrition companies such as Z Power
Nutrition, Logic Nutrition, XS Energy, LLC, NutriSource International, and NutriPowers, Japan, the goal has been to create the highest quality line of nutritional products.

Delivering exceptional products was achieved by blending nutritional science with the latest low glycemic technology and a non-compromising standard of excellence. The products thus developed included meal replacement bars, shakes, herbal adaptogenic formulas, several nutraceuticals and energy drinks.

In 2000, Tom Jones, an ultra-marathon runner and two-time world champion kick-boxer, asked for help. With Scott’s design and supervision of the runner’s personalized nutritional and supplementation program, Tom successfully ran 26.2 miles per day for 120 straight days, a 3,150 mile journey from California to New York. This is an amazing feat by anyone’s standards.

Scott’s own training, nutritional regiment and work ethic has inspired many of the people he has worked with by his method of leading by example. He has trained religiously with weights since 1979, has run many marathons and has worked out six days a week. He has achieved a personal goal of 1000 sit-ups in 16 minutes. Starting with 30 push-ups, he added one additional push up every day for over 15 months, to achieve 500 straight push-ups. He believes that balanced eating and intense training keep the body finely tuned to take on just about anything.

Scott believes a new standard of nutritional awareness and excellence can be achieved through a process of understanding the key concepts of eating and supplementing in hormonal balance combined with incorporating a physically active lifestyle. Scott has lectured and conducted seminars in nutrition and fitness for corporations, clubs, universities, junior colleges, high schools, and youth organizations.

He has directed youth sports camps since 1990. His passion for helping people with their health has guided him in understanding what it takes to empower people to put health, fitness, and nutrition higher on their priority list. Dedication to learning, researching, and developing the highest quality programs, products, nutritional systems, and training drives Scott to stay on the forefront in a field that is constantly changing and growing. Scott has taught and coached at Chapman University, Riverside City College, Corona del Mar High School and Laguna Beach High School.

 Today, Hole in 1 Drinks, Inc. is providing Optimal Nutrition products to golfers on the go.